Wood Buttons from Black Walnut Shells

Wood Buttons from Black Walnut Shells


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Black Walnut Shell Buttons

These are Black Walnut Shell Buttons that are sanded on the edges and varnished with a clear poly varnish.  The holes are large enough for average yarn.  Please contact me if you need larger holes for your application.

I gather the walnuts as they fall in early October.  They are washed, dried and cured for 3 weeks before I start cutting them into various shapes and patterns.  Nothing is wasted, the walnut meat is either enjoyed by my family or given to the birds and critters on my property.

Making many different items out of Black Walnut Shells is an old folk art which I have brought back to life.  Hat bands, belts, scarf buttons, candle holders, jar decorations, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, trivets, and coasters are just some examples of things they can be used for.