Soy and Paraffin Wax Candle Difference

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Soy and Paraffin Wax Candle Difference

Working with both waxes, I’ve learned the difference between  paraffin and soy candles. They both have good points and difficulties. The soy candles turn out very opaque and creamy smooth, and are easier for a beginner to make because it comes in a bag of wax flakes, which you can measure out just what you need. Sometimes depending on the wax used, it is hard to achieve hot and cold scent (or through). Most soy waxes have a lower melting point and do not shrink when cooling so your candles only require one pour. The soy wax can not carry as much fragrance as the paraffin wax can.  Soy wax is made from Soybeans that is grown in the United States.

Paraffin wax can have a very strong scent through, but is harder to work with because it comes in 1lb. “bricks” to 10 lb. slabs. The slabs can be very hard to break into smaller pieces to fit into the melting pot. Most paraffin has a higher melting point and shrinks as it cools. This can create a large hole in your container candle as much as 40%! This requires a second pouring to fill the hole created by the shrinkage of the first pour. The good side of all this shrinking is that it is easier to release from molds, to create pillar and votive candles. Paraffin is also more translucent which makes a glowing affect while burning. It is also easier to achieve bright dark colors with paraffin which hold even after burning.

Soy wax offers cleaner burning.

Paraffin wax offers stronger scent.