Winter Sunset


I will try to release new art on Fine Art America every Friday. The watercolor for this week is ” Winter Sunset” It is a 11″ x 14″ painting on canvas. I had the idea for this painting while driving to Wisconsin after a heavy snow fall in the winter of 2010-11. As the snow storm was very windy there were snow “dunes” along the side of the road which made very interesting shapes. At first I was going to call this painting Snow waves, because what I had in mind looked like waves to me. I didn’t have a very good reference photo because we never stopped to take a picture of the snow formations, so most of this painting was from memory. During the course of painting the background underpainting of the sky had a lot of oranges and reds in it so as the painting progressed, I decided on the name, Winter Sunset. This painting will hang at The Next Picture Show in Dixon starting Tuesday April 17th. It is framed in a silver canvas float frame. Enjoy