sock Color Copper Colors

I have settled into my new house and now it’s time to start blogging!  I’ve named my house Walnut Ridge because there are so many Black Walnut trees here.  So many of you are probably familiar with these large trees that drop large green encased nuts everywhere, much to a gardeners disdain.  I’ve never had a Black Walnut tree before so instead of raking them all up into the garbage, I’ve collected them and sawed them into slices with my new band saw.

I have been creating many new items with my new walnut toys, including jewelry, fairy garden furniture, key chains, and candle rings and holders. How will I link them together??  This led to learning a bit about jump rings, and chain-maille. (Sorry about the spelling) Learning new things are always fun.  Bear with me while I go a little nutty in my walnut journey.  It’s a hard nut to crack, you need a hammer and cement. (Not kidding)

Check back with me every Thursday for new paintings or walnut creations or maybe for something completely different, who knows??